What is Fixed Time Trading?

If you have been using the internet for the past 8 years then chances are, you have come across Olymp Trade adverts, Iq Option ads, or even Expert Option adverts. Created a trading account through these ads even.

And, if you have never gone past the account opening process then chances are, you don’t know what Fixed Time Trading is all about and how you can use FTT apps to make money online.

In this article, I will take you through Fixed Time Trading as a topic of interest, show you some of the best FTT apps to try this year, demystify fixed-time trading, and show you a few tricks to use to make money trading FTT.

Without wasting too much time, let’s get started.

What Are Fixed Time Trades?

Fixed time trading or Fixed Time Trades, also FTT are trades of fixed duration that offer a fixed profit. The trade duration is 5 seconds if you are using the Quickler mode in Olymp Trade and 1 minute if you are trading on any asset on the platform.

If you’re interested in this method of making money online then you can create an account in Olymp Trade to get started.

Other than getting the privilege to trade with $1, you also get to enjoy up to an 82% rate of return on all profitable trades.

Is Fixed Time Trading Gambling?

YES and NO.

Yes, FTT is gambling if you are in the quicker mode. This is because it’s very difficult to analyze the market in a 5 seconds timeframe to place multiple winning trades in a 5 seconds duration. Plus, when you are trading on the Quickler platform, you end up just clicking on random directions hoping the price goes in your favor.

And NO, Fixed Time Trading is not gambling if you are you are trading standard assets such as currency pairs, commodities, metals, stocks, or indices.


This is because standard trading on real financial instruments allows you to do your own analysis of where the market has a stronger chance of going.

With good analysis and better money management, you will have an edge in the market that you don’t find in gambling.

How to Create a Fixed Time Trading Account.

There are more than 10 different companies that are currently offering Fixed Time Trading platforms worldwide.

Platforms like Quotex and Pocket Option even accept clients from Europe and the US on their platforms.

And the best part? The registration process on either of these Fixed Time Trading platforms is standard for everyone the world over.

If this is the first article you are reading about FTT and You would like to create an account, prepare these two things:

  1. A valid email address
  2. And a password.

Other than having a valid email address and a password, you need to be 18 years of age and above to trade FTTs.

Register a Quotex Fixed Time Trading account here and deposit $100 with the Promo code JOON to get $50 extra.

If you have a trading account with Quotex, then having a second one with Olymp Trade won’t hurt.

Register an Olymp Trade FTT account and use promo code JOON30 to get an extra $30 every time you make a deposit to your account.

Quotex Registration

Difference Between Fixed Time Trading and Forex

Are there any major differences between Forex and FTT?

Yes. Here are some of the major differences between Forex and Fixed Time Trades.

1). In Fixed Time Trading, you set the trade amount you wish to expose on a single trade in dollars while in Forex, the volume of a trade is measured in lots.

2). In Fixed Time Trading you set the duration of trade in advance while in Forex, you either stop your trade with a Stop loss (manually and automatically) or a Take Profit (manually or automatically).

3). In Fixed Time Trading you earn a fixed amount on any profitable trade while in Forex, profits vary depending on where you take your profit.

4). In Fixed Time Trading you only lose the amount you stake in a wrong trade while in Forex you can lose an entire account balance if a trade goes south and you don’t have a stop-loss order.

5). You don’t need to install software to trade Fixed Time Trades. You may need to install a platform such as MT4 or MT5 to your device to start trading Forex.

6). Fixed Time Trading can be done 24/7. Forex is only done from Monday to Friday.

How to Trade on an FTT Platform.

There really is no difference between how FTTs work in Olymp Trade, Quotex, Iq Option, Expert Option, Spectre io, Binarium, or Binomo platforms.

Once you have mastered how Fixed Time Trading Works in Olymp Trade, you can trade on any other mentioned platforms.

The only problem that you may have is that each platform has a different interface and you may need to use a demo account to learn here to find what for seamless trading.

How to Trade Fixed Time Trades on Olymp Trade.

Choose the asset to trade.

1). Choose an asset to trade – Assets are financial instruments e.g currency pairs (EUR/USD) or Metals (GOLD). To start trading you will need to choose an instrument from the list as shown in the image above marked 2.

2). Enter the amount you wish to stake – You can use the button labeled 3 above to enter the amount you wish to stake on a trade. Most FTT platforms will allow you to start trading with a minimum of $1.

3). Choose the duration of your trade – Have I already mentioned FTT is a trading model that allows you to trade on fixed time durations? You need to locate the button labeled 4 on the image above and choose the duration of your trade from 1 minute to 23 hours.

4). Pick the direction of your trade – By clicking either the UP or DOWN button as shown in the image above, you will be opening a Fixed Time Trade prediction that either the price of the asset you choose to trade will rise or fall.

If your prediction is right you will earn up to an 82% rate of return on the dollar as shown in the image above (labeled check profitability of a trade).


FTT is an easy way to make money in the financial markets as it gives you the option to trade on smaller durations.

To learn more about Fixe Time Trading, watch this video or read this post.

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