Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Platform Review 2023

For four years now I have been trading on the Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading platform. I have made money with the Olymp Trade android app, lost some, and best of all, I have learned a lot in the four years that I have been trading on Olymp Trade.

In today’s article, I will give you guys my honest review of the Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Platform.

If you are a newbie trader and still on the fence about creating an account with Olymp Trade or not, hold your guts.

Don’t rush to create a trading account. At least until you have read this post.

Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Platform Review 2023.

Though the Olymp Trade platform has three platforms that you can access with one account, namely the stock point platform, Fixed Time Trading platform, and Forex platform, in this post I will only focus on one. The Fixed Time Trading Platform.

Why, because that’s the platform that I have spent my four years studying and earning from.

Without wasting too much time, let’s get started.

What is Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade is an international Fixed Time Trading broker with offices in St. Vincents and the Grenadines.

It was founded in 2014 and has become one of the leading Fixed Time Trading brokers in the industry.

If you are totally new to trading, Fixed Time Trading involves clicking the GREEN or RED  button on the Olymp Trade mobile app to open UP or DOWN trades.

If you open a UP trade and your prediction turns out right, you will make a profit. The same applies to if you make a down trade.

Is Olymp Trade Regulated?

If you are referring to International regulation then yes, Olymp Trade is regulated by Finacom.

However, if you are referring to Olymp Trade being regulated in specific countries like by the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya (in Kenya), or by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in Nigeria, then NO.

Olymp Trade has not yet acquired certification from those regulators.

That’s however not to say that you will have problems trading with the app, I have used the Olymp Trade app for 4 years and I can’t complain.

Can I Trade With the Olymp Trade App From Kenya?

Yes. You can trade with the Olymp Trade app from any part of the world including Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Colombia, Korea (Republic of), Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Viet Nam to name but a few…

You’ll however not be allowed to access the Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading app if you are in the US, Australia, Japan, Australia, Spain, Slovakia, Russia, Belgium, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Sweeden Canada, and these other counties.

To test if Olymp Trade works in your country, try creating an account with any link in this post and if it says your country is prohibited, don’t bother. It will not work.

Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Platform Review

Now that we have some basic information about the Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading platform, let me now show you how I use the Olymp Trade app to make money trading with my phone.

How I use The Olymp Trade Mobile App to Trade.

Since this is your first time or second time using a trading platform, here are a few things to note before you begin using either the demo or the real account.

1). Trades in Olymp Trade are executed instantly

One thing that I didn’t know about the Olymp Trade platform and which might also time you a long time to figure out is that there are two methods of opening a trade on the Olymp Trade app.

If you ask me, a successful trader always wants to get into the market at the best price possible to reap bigger rewards.

At Olymp Trade you can either use the classic method to open a trade or the time method.

If you choose the classic method then you will need to tap the clock icon next to the UP button, choose a strike price (opening price) the rate of profitability you wish to target, and continue to either open an up trade or a down trade.

Alternatively, you can use this method to open a trade at a particular time for example at exactly 9:00 PM.

If you use this method then your trade will be executed instantly at the specific time or the specific strike price.

How to Trade Fixed time Trades

Advantages of Using the Time Method to Open a Trade in Olymp Trade.

  1. Your trade is executed instantly and without any delays.
  2. Your trade will be opened automatically at the time or price you specified even if you are not around.
  3. The classic method helps you target a specific area of value thus you get quality trades.

Time Method.

The time method is what we also refer to as the Fixed Time Trading method.

In this method, you are required to specify the duration you want your trade to run.

Do you want your trade to run for a minute or 2 minutes? You have the freedom to open a Fixed Time Trade that runs for up to 23 hours.

Set the time, choose the amount you wish to trade with, and open either an up or down trade.

When that time lapses, you will either make a profit of up to 82% or only lose the amount you used to trade.

How to trade FTT for beginners

Trading Accounts in Olymp Trade.

Did I just show you how to trade before showing you what to trade or what account types there are in Olymp Trade? My bad.

Olymp Trade has two account types. The regular account and the VIP account.

Don’t worry if you don’t have money to invest instantly. Both the accounts have a DEMO account which comes with $10,000 demo units that you can use to practice how to trade.

a). How to Activate the Regular Account in Olymp Trade.

It’s easy. Make a deposit of $10 into your Olymp Trade account and you will immediately get these benefits.

  • Minimum Trade amount.
  • Get up to 82% return on investment
  • Maximum trade amount $2,000.
  • The maximum total amount of open positions on different assets is $20,000
  • The maximum total amount of open positions on the same assets is $20,000
  • Maximum withdrawal time period up to 5 business days.
  • No withdrawal fee is charged on any withdrawn amount.

b). How to Activate the Olymp Trade VIP Account.

You can also activate VIP by making a lump sum of a $2,000 deposit.

If you go VIP you will get these benefits.

  • Up to 92% return on investment.
  • Minimum trade amount $1
  • The minimum deposit is $10
  • Maximum trade amount $5,000
  • The maximum total amount of open positions on different assets is $50,000
  • The maximum total amount of open positions on the same assets is $10,000
  • Maximum withdrawal time period up to 1 business day.
  • No withdrawal fee is charged on any withdrawn amount.
  • Personal training available
  • Get risk-free trades for the trading volume.

Fixed Time Trading in Olymp Trade

Financial Instruments Available in Olymp Trade

Though there are more than 1,000 financial instruments that a broker can have in their trading platform, I have never felt like I lucked for using the Olymp Trade app which only has 100+ instruments.

The best part, these 100 instruments include at least all the top assets that any trader would want to trade including all the majors, minors, a few exotic pairs, stocks, metals, and commodities.

How to Open an Account in Olymp Trade for Beginners.

The account opening process in Olymp Trade is straightforward.

You only need an email address and password to get started. And you also need to be 18 years and above to get accepted on the platform.

How to Verify Your Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Account.

Once you have registered a new Fixed time Trading Account you will be required to verify both your identity and proof of residence.

Since 2018 when I created my account, the process hasn’t changed a bit and it’s the same for everybody worldwide regardless of the country you are in.

Whether you are in Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea, or Brazil, you will still need to: –

a). Upload your id to Olymp Trade to prove your identity.

b). Take a selfie with your ID for further proof of identity.

b) Proof of address – upload any document proving where you live.

c). Proof of payment – make your first payment to Olymp Trade and scan your bank statement with that transaction or Mpesa ID then upload it to Olymp Trade.

Click on proceed after every step and when done, wait a couple of hours for your account to be verified.

How to Fund Your Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Account.

Olymp Trade now has more than 10 different payment methods.

If you are in Kenya you can fund your account with either of these methods.

Electronic Payment Methods.

Olymp Trade Withdrawal Process

The Olymp trade withdrawal process is also a straightforward one. And,  if you use electronic payment methods to withdraw, your funds will reflect almost instantly.

if you use Visa or Mastercard though, it will take a few hours to 5 business days on a standard account and only 24 hours on VIP.

How Fast Can You Make Money Trading in Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade recently launched a new quicker way to make money trading. It’s known as the quicker method.

If you trade on the quicker mode, your trades will be opened and closed in 5 seconds. If you ask me, this is a fast way to make money but it can also be a quick way to lose money. Easy come. Easy go.

You can also use the standard duration which starts from 1 minute to 24 hours to open trades in Olymp Trade.

How Can I Contact Olymp Trade?

Here’s a trick.

Use the Olymp Trade live support option on the app or under help on the ask a specialist button.

Should you want to call someone and speak to them directly, use these numbers.

  • +27 (21) 1003880Cape Town, South Africa
  • +54 (11) 59175747Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • +35620341634Malta

Available 24/7

I tried the South African number from Kenya and they received my call almost instantly.

Olymp Trade Features

Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trading Platform

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