5 Ways to Make Money With Fixed Time Trading

Fixed Time Trading is an investment strategy where you buy stocks or other financial instruments based on their expected return over a fixed period of time.

Currently, there aren’t so many Fixed Time Trading brokers, and the few reputable ones that you can start training with right now to make profits include: –

  1. Olymp Trade 
  2. Iq Option 
  3. Expert Option
  4. Quotex 
  5. Pocket Option 
  6. Binomo
  7. Specter io

Among others like Binarium who are barely 2 years old in the industry.

As a fixed-time trader, you will either make or lose money in a fixed duration but truth be told, no one ever wants to lose money trading.

So how do you ensure that you do not lose money when trading FTT?

Here are 5 Tips to ensure profitability with Fixed Time Trading (FTT)

1). Learn How to Trade Fixed Time Trades Before You Invest Real Money.

While this may sound like common sense, it is not common to everyone. Not everyone wants to go through the demo account, and or waste a week learning how to click up and down buttons in FTT.

But trust me, going through the demo account process is just as important as attending classes at the university before sitting the exams.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that using the demo account is a less risky way to learn how the real market works without putting your money on the line.

If you can’t figure out things on your own on the demo account, use the knowledge base provided by almost all brokers to learn how to trade.

And if still, you find it hard to master, join your broker’s youtube channel and learn from the information they provide for fixed-time trading beginners.

A good broker that provides an in-depth knowledge base on FTT trading on both their website, Youtube channel, and via webinars is Olymp Trade. Join Olymp Trade FTT.

2). Learn how to identify profitable opportunities in Fixed Time Trading

While some people can just look at charts and tell which direction the price will go next for a Fixed Time Trading pair, others can’t.

If you fall into the group of people finding it difficult to tell the direction price will go next when trading, then maybe you should take some time off to learn a few Fixed Time trading strategies.

Fixed Time trading strategies are a set of rules that define entry of trades, duration to go in for, and the amount to use per trade.

If you have a working strategy, you can use it to identify exceptional buy and sell opportunities in Fixed Time Trades.

Fixed Fime trading beginners who are using Olymp Trade apps to trade can visit the Olymp trade marketplace to purchase ready-made strategies.

If you are using Quotex on the other hand, then turn on the Quotex signals feature to copy trades of successful traders.

3). Find out what the best timeframe is for investing in Fixed Time Trades.

Have you ever placed a down trade on a 15 minutes timeframe and when you turned to the 5 minutes timeframe you realized that that market was instead going up?

Yea, this happens to new traders or even to some advanced traders all the time.

As a rule of thumb, you must always begin your analysis from a higher timeframe to a lower timeframe and not the other way round.

If you want to achieve profitability trading Fixed Time Trades, consider identifying a preferred lower timeframe.

Done that? What did you choose? 15 minutes?

Now begin your analysis from higher timeframes like say, 2 hours as you narrow it down to 15 minutes.

What’s the general trend in those higher timeframes? Keep that in mind and remember, price does not move in one direction forever.

Be objective to a change of trend at any time. You can identify these changes by drawing order blocks on Quotex or support and resistance levels on Olymp Trade.

4). Understand the risks involved with investing in Fixed Time Trades

Like it or not, use the best strategy or not, you will at some point lose money trading FTT.

Are you prepared for that part? If you don’t have a risk management strategy in place, better start thinking about coming up with one because yes, one of the best ways to make money trading Fixed Time Trades is not to lose more than you are making.

There are 2 money management strategies that are synonymous with FTT. Martingale strategy and parley strategy.

Once you understand the risks involved in investing in FTT, understand the risks involved with investing in using each of these money management strategies.

For example, Martingale’s strategy dictates that you double your income each time you lose a trade. Does it work? YES! Is it practical? Yes, but you will need to have a huge balance if you want to survive continuous losses while chasing one win.

Parley on the other hand dictates that you half your trading amount each time you lose.

Is the parley method ideal for conserving trading capital while trading Fixed Time Trades? Yes! Is it ideal for growing an account? Yes, but it will take you longer than if you were using martingale.

5). Analyze the market before you trade. Don’t trade to analyze your losses.

If you want to make money trading Fixed Time Trades then the market analysis should be at the top of your priorities.

Don’t just wake up in the morning then before even brushing your teeth you hop to your FIXED TIME TRADING app and begin trading.

Take your time with the preparation of a trade. Look at past price data, and watch out for economic events scheduled for the day.

If that’s not enough, use price action and technical analysis tools to find the best entries to a trade.

In my four years of trading FTT with Olymp Trade, I have learned that any day I follow a routine. For example, if I look at economic events coming up and/or identify key price levels and the major trends, I end up making money on those days.

And if I just trade blindly as beginners do, I lose money.


Fixed Time Trading doesn’t have to be hard, it can also be easy and profitable. Just follow these simple tips and you will have an easy time making money with Fixed Time Trades.

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