7 Reasons Why Deriv is The Best Platform for Fixed Time Trading

If you have tried searching for the best fixed time trading platforms on Google, then chances are you found Deriv among the top recommended platforms for binary options in 2023. And even though you might want to argue that Iq Option, Olymp Trade or Expert Option trading platforms are far much better, there is a reason Google recommends Deriv among the myriad of other options available.

In today’s post, we will look at some of the top reasons why Deriv has been the go-to broker for binary options for beginners and experienced traders worldwide for over a decade.

7 Reasons Why Deriv is Preferred for FTT Trading in 2023

  1. Celebrity traders prefer Deriv
  2. Deriv allows bot trading
  3. Fast deposits and withdrawals
  4. Interactive trading education
  5. Multiple assets to trade
  6. Licensed and regulated
  7. Safety and Security

1). Celebrity traders prefer Deriv

If your first time learning about Deriv wasn’t through Google, then there is an excellent chance that you learned about it through the celebrity trader you follow on IG.

These celebrity traders are either selling trading robots that by the way – are highly accepted on Deriv. Or, they simply influence to earn a commission as Forex affiliates.

Whatever the reason why your preferred celebrity is using or promoting Google, he’s making money doing it. And if you have joined Deriv through him, then he’s probably doing a good job too.

2. Deriv allows trading robots

Have I already mentioned that trading robots are allowed in Deriv?

And what are trading robots you ask?

These are trading software that makes trading automation possible.

With trading robots, you do not need to know how to analyze the market or stay in front of your computer for hours to make profits.

You simply need to set the trading parameters and run the robot and if the conditions specified on the bot are met, you will earn profits.

One thing to note though, trading robots can either make you money or lose you money. So, my two-penny advice, be careful about the type of bot you are using and if it meets your risk appetite.

If possible, trade with your disposable income.

3). Fast deposits and withdrawals

Deriv Add Real Account

If you have ever used Olymp Trade, Iq Option, Iron Trade, or any of the other binary options trading platforms that started in 2014 onwards, then chances are, you have run into deposit problems with these platforms.

With Deriv, deposits, and withdrawals are instant and never an issue.

Other than funding your account and receiving payments with the usual methods like Skrill, Crypto, and Bank cards, you can also fund your account or receive payments through agents.

And who are Derive payment agents you ask?

These are agents authorized by Deriv to aid traders with deposits and withdrawals on the trading platform.

These agents are the reason traders on Deriv enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals. And the best part? Deriv does not charge fees on deposits and withdrawals.

4). Interactive trading education 

For beginners who create trading accounts on Google or just randomly (on IG, TikTok, or YouTube), there is an interactive tutorial that Deriv offers on the DEMO account.

This tutorial is to help you learn the ropes on how to place your first trade in the DEMO account.

And just like all the other binary Options trading platforms offering $10,000 in the virtual account, Deriv does too.

And you can use the Deriv demo account for as long as you want, alongside your live account, free.


Deriv trader platform

5). Multiple assets to trade

Unlike most new trading platforms that just offer a few assets to traders, Deriv is a giant. Not only does it offer all the most popular Forex pairs, but it also offers financial instruments like: –

  • Volatility indices – Volatility 10 (1s) Index, Volatility 10 Index, Volatility 25 (1s) Index…
  • Stock Indices – American Indices, Asian Indices, and European Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Metal and commodities

This large asset base gives traders a smorgasbord of assets to choose from and an even larger asset base for diversification.

6). Licenced and Regulated

Though Deriv is not licensed or regulated in Kenya, its website works well in the country allowing willing traders to place binary option trades with this broker online.

That plus the fact that it is easy to deposit and withdraw from the platform has allowed traders enough confidence to continue using the platform.

If Capital Markets Authority isn’t anything to go by though, then its regulation certificates from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission should suffice.

7). Safety and Security

If ever you choose to trade with platforms that are secure only then Deriv should be at the top of your list.

All Deriv platforms not only use secure SSL to process payments for clients but also encourage the use of: –  secure passwords, show users’ login history, allow the use of API tokens, and allow users to close accounts when they want to.


Above everything, it is easer to make money with Deriv as most celebrity traders have led us to believe.

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