Binomo Promo Codes – Enjoy 70% Bonus

Have you made a deposit to your Binomo account yet?

If you haven’t, hold on because in this guide, you will find valid Binomo promo codes you can use right away.

But before we get to that, let’s see how these codes can you earn more while trading online.

What is a promo code?

A promo code is short for ‘promotional code.’ It is actually a marketing tactic used by companies to encourage more customers (you) to spend with them.

I know that sounds manipulative but wait a minute.

A promo code is a good thing because you actually get rewards.

For example, if you use a Binomo promo code you get some extra funds in your account.

And the amount will depend on the type of promo code you used.

Binomo has sign up promo codes.

When you use these codes, you get a bonus as a first-time customer. How cool is that?

Then there are general discount promo codes you can use every time you make a deposit.

How to use Binomo promo codes

Now, let’s talk about how to use these codes.

First things first, you need an account. This means if you haven’t created a Binomo account yet, go ahead and do that using this link.

And by the way, it is free to sign up so you have nothing to lose.

Once you’ve created an account, go inside your account and first switch to a real account.

This allows you to trade with real money and make real cash.

Since Binomo promo codes are usable when making a deposit, go ahead and click deposit.

And as you do, click Add and then paste the Binomo promo code on the provided space.

And the discount or bonus will be added to your account.

Valid Binomo Promo Codes

Now, here are some bad news; I have scoured the entire internet looking for valid Binomo promo codes, but have turned up empty.

So while Binomo actually supports the use of coupon bonus, I can’t seem to find ones that work.

But all is not lost though.

You can still enjoy some Binomo bonuses and here’s how.

If you look at your deposit page, you will notice something.

Binomo has account levels. And each level comes with a set deposit bonus.

For example, if you deposit $50, you join Standard level accounts and get 20% bonus!

Want even more Binomo bonuses?

Deposit $3K and get 70% BONUS!

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